Aug 30.2016

VR/AR meets Unilumin’s Upanel S equals awesome visual experience

Hi there, this is our final article about Unilumin’s new narrow-pixel-pitch ultra-high definition product Upanel S this month. So let’s make it count!

So far we know that Upanel S has fully front access cabinet, that it doesn’t need support structure and can be mounted straight on the wall making its slim profile easier to maintain, increasing its viewing distance and minimizing the installation cost.

We also know that the module and cabinet are designed and installed separately, that there are very minimum use of wiring and there are no wires visible at the back or any present between the cabinet.


The super-awesome non-touching maintenance and auto calibration features are to die for.

And let’s not forget that Upanel S comes with a fail-safe, it has double power and signal and control system socket available and each LED module has a self-monitoring system for temperature, voltage and connection detect.

But as they say, a product is only as good as its application and Upanel S’s application is as futuristic as Upanel S itself. Yes, it can be used in control rooms, conference with less viewing distance, television and broadcasting studios, but what you don’t know is that its fan-less, noiseless, seamless, almost flawless design makes it a perfect partner for virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR).

One thing that a VR or AR integrated system needs is a realistic partner and Upanel S is just that.

When you are in your virtual world, you don’t want it to be ruined by faulty modules, power failures or seams on the screen. Upanel S’s ability to cover the walls faultlessly will enhance the experience of the customers and increase the number of happy customers for our clients.

The narrower the pixel, the better it is for this particular requirement and its ability to curve is paramount. Anyone who knows even a little about LED display would know that smaller the pixel, the more difficult it gets to curve the screen but Upanel S cabinets are designed in a way that they can curve inward up to 5 degree.

So here it is stylish yet cost effective, smart and intelligent with limitless possibilities for application. Upanel S is the future of NPP Intelligent LED displays and the future is present at Unilumin.

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