Dec 02.2015

Unilumin Utile Rental LED Displays shine in Indonesia 2015

Unilumin(stock code:300232),a global leading LED display manufacturer and solution provider. It has a wide business network around the world. As an important part of our overseas markets, Indonesia is well known as “Thousand island country”. In 2015, Unilumin has done lots of projects in Indonesia by Utile Rental LED displays. Utile is famous for its price-performance. “Simply Brilliant” is the slogan given by our important customers. Amazingly, you have no idea what Utile could do until we lead you to the “Utile Brilliant Tour”.

1.Broadcasting Room:

Utile features fan-less design making a quiet environment. Its advanced dot by dot calibration technology, high grey scale and energy-saving design match with Broadcasting Rooms requirements.

Unilumin Utile3 for Broadcasting Room

2.Live Events:

Utile ultra slim and light cabinet design, easy maintenance & quick installation assure our customers of saving transportation and labor cost. These great features perfect match with live events such as Public Display and Stage Rental.

Unilumin Utile3 for Public Display

Unilumin Utile3 for Stage Rental


Utile brilliant display quality, high contrast ratio, high cabinet precision,those advantages perfect match with high-end exhibitions such as Auto Shows.

Unilumin Utile2 for Auto Show

“It is really very hard to keep them in the warehouse.” One of our customers mentioned after using Utile.

Unilumin Utile series LED displays have done well in Indonesia 2015, Unilumin will keep providing best products and great services for our customers.

“Simply Brilliant” is the name given to Utile and it’s also the ultimate goal that Unilumin try to achieve.