Mar 13.2019

Unilumin UpanelS in SIC Television Channel

SIC is a Portuguese television network and media company, and their flagship channel is one of the biggest television stations in Portugal. In order to have better set design for their two brand-new studios, SIC chose Unilumin’s full LED solution after evaluating the proposals from several LED and LCD display product providers. By now, 57.5 SQM of Unilumin’s UpanelS1.5 and 12.6 SQM of Unilumin’s UpanelS2.5 was installed in the station successfully.


LED Displays in Broadcasting

Broadcasting set design plays a key role in capturing viewers’ attention. As competition rises and technological advances increase, direct view LED displays will quickly become the key differentiator in broadcast sets. Broadcast TV studios are a special environment that require LED screens to operate at their lowest brightness mode while maintaining the highest image quality. As the main product of this project, Unilumin’s UpanelS can be able to operate at low brightness while maintaining the same image quality at its full working capacities. Reliability of the equipment also plays an important role in broadcast set design. Equipment failure could turn into a disaster during the process of live broadcasting. That’s why all the equipment should be as dependable as clockwork. UpanelS is a robust, failure-proof product that could be relied upon even during the most demanding live projects.


UpanelS is the product that is especially suitable for indoor applications such as conference rooms, control rooms, newsrooms and TV broadcasting stations. Since it’s launched, the product has been applied in many broadcast set designs. For example, Sky TV in Italy and CNBC in Indonesia etc.


Unilumin’s Solution

Before the project started, our partner Pantalha and the end-user were intending to use LCD displays as their set design since they have never applied LED displays into their studios before. In this case, majority of the display providers followed the rule, and provided solutions with LCD displays or LCD+LED display design to the end-user. Unilumin is the only one company, who insisted on providing a full LED solution, and continue to guide partner and end-user towards the advantages of LED displays over LCD displays. We have provided many demos of the broadcasting projects that we did before to our partner and invited them to visit the broadcasting project we finished a few years ago, locally in Portugal as a reference. Since the end-user had never used LED display as their set design before, when the project started, we tried our best to ensure every single process would stay on track. Both our partner and the end-user were satisfied with the result of Unilumin’s solution and LED display effect. Pedro Jervis, our partner mentioned “On a very positive note, the first graphics files were sent to the walls today and they looked outstanding, the end-customer was really pleased”.


In the purpose of helping customers to achieve the best results for different scenarios, Unilumin is always here to provide the best solutions.

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