Mar 16.2019

Innovative Installation of Unilumin NPP(Narrow Pixel Pitch)Upanel at Sky TV Italy

Sky Calcio (Sky Sports), is a famous sports show in Italy. On August 19, 2018, Sky Italia Milano opened their football sport season, a traditional show that includes live sports, technical analysis and commentary. Now, there’s a new addition to the stage! Audio Visual Integrator Progetti SRL, delivered one the world’s largest LED sets comprised solely of Unilumin's Upanel LED panels.


Why did Sky TV Italy choose Unilumin?

Sky was looking for an innovative product that would catch the attention of their viewers. A curved LED screen with vibrant color is what Sky decided on. 产品图.png

On broadcast sets noiseless technology is essential. Upanel is 100 fan-less and therefor is completely silent.


After interviewing the program director Unilumin learned more about the project details.

The Program Director had this to say about the new wall.  “From a production standpoint, the Unilumin Upanel LED wall opens up worlds of creative possibilities for shows and events that will use the Sky studio venue from this point forward. In the sports entertainment industry, producers and production designers are beginning to use our Unilumin LED walls to increase the quality of their storytelling and to augment the “physical” scenery that is traditionally used.  This new LED wall places Sky Italia at the forefront of the new virtual scenery trend with outstanding clarity.


“From an engineering standpoint, its (Upanel) ability to create curved and angled designs makes Upanel ideal for use in large-scale TV stations. This amazing installation is as remarkable as the visuals results; it is exactly what we wanted.”


“The support from Unilumin throughout the process, from evaluation to purchase and after-sales service all has been fantastic.”

At Unilumin, we think partnership is far more than a word or a signature on a purchase order. Unilumin is always striving to deliver superior visual experiences for customers worldwide.

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