Sep 14.2013

Unilumin innovate constantly to cater to the Market Change


Unilumin innovate constantly to cater to the Market Change

4th September, 15th China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) grandly held in Shenzhen. As a Chinese leading LED display manufacturer, Unilumin attended this event with hot new high resulution products UTV2.5, UTV1.9, Utile 3.9 rental LED display and M25 LED mesh display which supported 2013 KAZAN Universiade. Compared with traditional LED display,the above types of products have the features of high brightness, high colorsaturation, wide viewing angle, better visibility and seamless appearance. Asshown on the event, these LED displays attracted most visitors' attention atsite. In June, before CIOE, Unilumin has stared up the exhibition tours of UTV2.5mmand UTV1.9mm small pitch LED display products.

Good Quality Won Good Reputation

China LED industry has entered into a brustera. Cost has been the key point competed by domestic enterprises. In order toseize the market, some enterprises produce low-priced products with shoddymaterials, which caused shambles of the entire industry. Under the turbulentmarket environment, Unilumin always adheres to quality, checks up at alllevels, keeps on trict quality control to win with good quality.

According to the introduction of Mr. WuMeng, global marketing director of Unilumin, there are three gates of thecompany to guarantee the products quality. The first is technical support.Unilumin has an experienced R&D team with more than 130 qualified staff andtechnic. Unilumin is based on technology innovation and continuously to developnew products. The company also employs industrial experts as technicaladvisers. Solid technical strength makes Unilumin hold the sate lead in thesame trade. The second is excellent technique and advanced production lines.The third is perfect after-service network. At present, Unilumin hasestablished more 100 radiation of sale network with services covering the wholecountry.

Unilumin believes that best quality meansbest reputation. It is also the developing power of the company. Commit toprovide good quality products, establish trust relationship with customers,Unilumin's reputation has been spread from customers to customers and the brandhas become a household word in China.

In additional, Unilumin has been make imagepromotion actively. The company took part in and undertook many domesticlarge-scale governmental LED display project including Tian'anmen Squareproject for celebration of National Day in 2009, 2010 Shanghai Expo and 2011Xi'an World Garden Expo. They company also takes development overseas marketvery seriously, maintains and develops foreign customer relationship to wonhigh reputation both at home and abroad.

Focus On Segmentation Market

LED industry shuffle is showing on everyday. The related data demonstrate that every day there are 50 to 60 LEDenterprises company nearly collapsed in Shenzhen city. "This industryshuffle will be continuous "Mr. Wu Meng said“The large-scale enterprises likeFoxconn will be the favorite of feature market. And the final survivors in thisshuffle do will be this kind enterprises. Therefore Unilumin makes the businessplanning and strategy to become the LED giant in China ”

Throughout market, enterprise,who do notconsider the market requirements but make blind production, will eventually goto death. Clearly understanding the market position and makeing suitableadjustment in accordance with the changing situation is the key way to holdmarket and stand out above the rest. Therefore Unilumin focuses on thesegmentation dispositions and development. At present, Unilumin has beensucceeded on developing indoor HD UTV LED display and launched creative outdoorLED display and outdoor media products. Encouragingly, the efforts ofUnilumin’s entire team has been widely recognized by market and customers. Tillnow, Unilumin has got excellent achievements in the indoor display field.

Wading Across The Stream by Feeling The Way

Unilumin specializes on manufacturing LEDdisplay products which covers 80% of the total production. Mr. Wu Mengexpressed LED display increases in the next few years will remain within 25percent. However, as the lighting market has gradually matured, there are greatpotential opportunities for LED lighting development. LED lighting will bepopular to our common life.

To keep with the market trend, Unilumin isalso looking for change and gradually increasing the LED lighting production.Moreover Unilumin has profound channels growth more than 200 channel customers.With unique business model, it will be not difficult for Unilumin to expandmarket share in the new field.

However, nowadays, there are still manydrawbacks in LED market. To establish orderly market is the the key toaccelerate industry development. To be a guidance, Unilumin leads by example,follows industrial rules and persists in setting strict demands on themselvesabove the existing industrial standards.

As the saying goes, a diversity lead toprosperity.In a volatile market, for existence and expanding, the enterprisesshall seek accurate seat, adjust strategy, seize opportunity and meet achallenge. Unilumin sets strategic plans according to the market principles.With good reputation and powerful company strength, Unilumin will won moreglorious achievements in LED market.