Jan 07.2020

Unilumin Europe Subsidiary - Here We Grow Again

Unilumin Group is pleased to announce the growth of Unilumin Europe Subsidiary. Theo van Beek joined Unilumin Europe Subsidiary as CEO, and his presence is a clear reflection of the company’s current state: ready to take on the future and move up to the next level after another strong year of growth and successful customers. With Theo’s leadership and support of elite team members, Frans Lourenburg, Roel Mol, Dani Agoes, Devi Janty Fatwana, and others we believe that Unilumin creates continued value for customers.


               Theo van Beek

Located in the city of Hoofddorp, Netherland, Unilumin Europe Subsidiary will strengthen existing business relationships and develop the market of Europe’s Northern countries and the Benelux further with Unilumin’s state of the art quality LED products.


Theo: “I am thrilled to be part of a successful team that already did reach so much. Driving the business while controlling top level relationships for Unilumin I see as a challenge. Chinese and European culture businesswise are not that different, within the European area the different language skills will help me and the business of Unilumin a lot. Look forward and hope to see all of you at the ISE!”