Sep 06.2016

When you need Unilumin’s UTV

There are times when an LCD or DLP display is not enough to make your client happy. It doesn't meet their requirement. They need something different, they need something that will have no bezels, no seams and no size limitations. That is when one thinks of an LED display.

But then despite choosing the right kind of product, the system integrator, distributor and even the client has trouble getting that satisfactory feeling. It’s like that you have solved almost all of the puzzle but the last few pieces aren’t fitting in.

Either the assembling is not precise which leaves ever so tiny but quite visible bezels between the panels or the panels are too heavy or bulky.

That is when you need Unilumin UTV.

An LED display with slim, light weight panels made with die-cast aluminum.

An LED display with seam adjustment mechanism ensures seamless screen with no bezels whatsoever. No matter how big is your display requirement, no one will ever be able to tell that it is not just one screen.

Unilumin’s UTV has high refresh rate, 16-bit gray scale level making your blacks darker than black itself, high contrast ratio and an absolute requirement for professional cameras.

Its true color technology displays 281 trillion colors, closest to what a human eye can see.

With Unilumin’s advanced calibration technique, there is little to no color or brightness deviation.

It is a fan-less, quiet as a mouse LED display with a life span of over 100,000 hours. You will get twice the return of your investment in that kind of time frame.

Another unique thing about Unilumin’s UTV apart from its precise installation mechanism is its easy and fast maintenance. It takes about 15 seconds (if not less) to replace a module.

Of course being an actual LED screen and not an LCD, DLP or OLED, there is no reflection so there is no need to sit in a dark dingy room to use Unilumin’s UTV displays.

The brightness can be controlled as to the comfort of the viewer from as low as 50 to as high as 800 nits.

Unilumin’s UTV has a far wider viewing angle to ensure that all the people, even the one’s sitting in the far corners of the room can see the contents of the display perfectly.

I guess by now you would have figured out that Unilumin’s UTV is an indoor LED display but what you don’t know is that Unilumin’s UTV comes in various pixel sizes (obviously) starting from 3mm being the biggest, going down to 0.8mm, the smallest pixel pitch commercially available in the market today.

Unilumin’s UTV can be used in any and every industry. Be it a broadcasting station for a news or sports channels, conference rooms, control rooms, museums, theatres and even corporate offices.

This product is a genie in a box that can make your every wish come true. Well at least when it comes to having awesome indoor displays with unparalleled quality and no hassle.

So don’t wait for another unsatisfied customer or not-so-well done project. Call Unilumin now at +86-(0)755-29918999 or drop a line to our sales engineers at and get what you truly deserve, the best.