Dec 16.2020

The born of another classic architecture! Unilumin’s 2400 sqm LED screen helps Yuehui City achieve an amazing change!

In the CBD skyscraper, to overlook the scene of brilliant lights blazing everywhere. In the bustling old city, to enjoy urban life in a leisure mood. Now you can enjoy both kinds of happiness simultaneously!


The renewal of the city is along with the historical mission of optimizing urban space, improving quality, and reborning vitality under the new environment. It is the core engine to achieve the goal of high-quality urban development in Guangzhou.


Yuehui City was a traditional shoe market before. During the construction, leaders and departments of the city and district have conducted on-site coordination many times. Liwan District has established a leading group and set a green channel for the project. Yuehui City has become the first project after work resumption in the whole district. After 600 days of upgrading and renovation, with nearly 1 billion yuan of investment, it has surprisingly become the largest shopping mall in the west of Guangzhou. “Yuehui City” is a new landmark in Guangzhou’s retail industry.



With the concept of “every step with a scene, enjoying a tour delightfully”, Yuehui City integrates Lingnan characteristics, regional culture and modern trends together, creating an immersive experience of the changing of the four seasons. Not only will it add new vitality into the commercial development of Liwan District, it will also create more than 10,000 positions for surrounding areas, realizing both economic and social benefits.



Inspired by the theme of “Butterfly Transformation”, Yuehui City introduced the world’s leading technology and adopted a variety of Unilumin’s LED products to create a visual feast of over 2,400-square-meters screen, making the entire mall feel like a vibrant pulse of the city with infinite vitality and energy.


The glass with the shape of a butterfly head in the center spreads its wings to the sides, in a lightness of dancing and colorful effect of light and shadow. The glass of arc-shaped main entrance is composed of transparent glass with the floodlight grid LED screen. When night falls, the main entrance seems to be an arc-shaped shiner in the harmony with the city. The media curtain wall of more than a thousand square meters has a dynamic and fashionable effect, creating a colorful commercial atmosphere.



At the entrance is a Unilumin’s innovative LED screen, integrating technology and creativity. And it has become a unique cyber-popular scenic spot in Yuehui City, which is quite amazing.



Above the atrium is a giant arch in the harmony with natural light and shadow, which not only creates the sense of openness in nature, but also introduces natural light to create a pleasant color temperature of light.



The customized “Colorful Butterfly Avenue” on the ground of the first floor connects to the “Butterfly Dance Square” with an area of nearly 2,000 square meters, a 360-degree LED panoramic view and the “waterfall” transparent LED screen, creating an immersive experience of audio-visual effect.



Yuehui City is currently one of the most difficult reconstruction projects in China. It has undergone unimaginable hardships and difficulties during the construction under harsh conditions, which brought the Unilumin team many challenges. When encountering emergencies such as tight schedules, changing requirements, and complex commissioning, Unilumin’s staff constantly allocate the resources, integrate manpower, and go all out to meet customers’ needs in the pre-sales and after-sales service.


Unilumin UMEI Studio adopts a combination of 3D and post-production methods for design when providing visual effects services, which solves the problems of video oversize and seamless connection of the ring screen. And it customizes 9 contents of wonderful videos for Yuehui City, which are played on the atrium transparent screen, the 4-layer ring screen and also the point-source light screen. The visual effects are much better than the expectation of customers. Also, it provides 24-hour on-site technical support.


The entire team actively works to promote the overall process of the project of the Yuehui City. After 100 days of hard-work, the team perfectly combines art and technology together, and achieves multi-screen performance, delivering an ingenious achievement that integrates software, hardware and video, contributing to amazing changes of the Yuehui City!



The project of Yuehui City in Yuexiu District is based on the transparent and grid screens of Unilumin Joyway, together with different products of Lamp Technology and APLUS, such as box and advertising screens. It is not only a model for the cooperation of different business sectors within the Unilumin Group, but also another classic case of Unilumin’s project of large-scale urban commercial complex, once again enhancing Unilumin’s brand influence.


In the future, Unilumin will keep working hard to integrate group resources, and to provide clients with more high-quality solutions of architectural multimedia and innovative AV display.