Feb 05.2020

Outdoor LED Display Development Trends 2020

With the advent of the digital age, traditional media and its living spaces are constantly being squeezed by emerging media. However, compared to the predicament of TV and paper media, outdoor advertisement has a different fate because of the uniqueness of LED display in audiovisual aspect

When outdoor LED display brings a new situation and influence to outdoor advertisement, its medialization trend is gradually being developed by the media industry, which has huge development potential.

  1. 1. Small Spacing of Outdoor LED Display

At the moment of consumption upgrading, because the outdoor LED display​ has a fixed position, it can become a regional sign. With the characteristics of various forms of expression, strong plasticity, high arrival rate and good transmission effect, outdoor LED displays also have many advantages, such as great influence on mobile people, stronger reality, repeated demands, high information arrival rate, etc. 

The best viewing distance of conventional P10 and P8 display screens on the market is 8-24m and 10-30m respectively. When viewed from close range, the "graininess" of the picture will be very obvious. However, as end users demand higher display effect of the display screen, outdoor LED display with smaller spacing are bound to become more popular.

​2. Light Pollution of Outdoor LED Display

With flashing lights on the streets day and night, the outdoor LED display screens not only add a lot of color beauty to the city but also bring light pollution to many people. In recent years, with the development of commerce, the environment problems of light radiation caused by the outdoor LED display near the city business circle have caused more and more complaints from citizens. Especially with the government's emphasis on environmental protection and the improvement of residents' requirements for living environment, the problem of light pollution cannot be ignored.

Therefore, in the future development, manufacturers of outdoor LED display must carry out production according to the relevant "standards" to comprehensively improve their product performance so as to effectively control the light pollution of LED display. 

With respect to the product itself, we will develop outdoor display products which can further reduce discomfort to human eyes. In fact, in terms of LED display technology, many products can automatically adjust the brightness according to different environment via their own systems. 

At the same time, the multi-level gray correction technology greatly improves the excessive hardness of color, which makes people feel more comfortable when seeing the colorful display. These methods can greatly reduce the "light pollution" in cities. More importantly, we still need to give some thoughts to the standardization of management and operability of implementations so that outdoor LED display can truly enter the era of standardization.

outdoor led display

3. Interaction

The focus of competition in today's outdoor LED media industry is how to realize the interactive integration of audience and media through the application of technologies such as APP and AV technologies.

The new outdoor LED media, which continuously strengthens its interactive function can not only become a platform for audiences to obtain and exchange information more conveniently, but also attract more and more audiences to actively participate in communication activities. 

More importantly, it will also lead to larger-scale secondary communication. When the interactive function of outdoor new media is fully integrated into the daily life of the audience, the communication effect will inevitably increase geometrically and the value of outdoor media "must choose" can naturally be highlighted.

4. Big Data

Outdoor LED media also has its own users. To better understand the "viewing behavior" of their users, a media database must be established. The database of outdoor LED media is different from traditional media and network media. Its audience is changing. There is no time and space limitation and there will be no trace in the viewing process. However, "media integration" provides a good idea for database construction.

Outdoor LED media is static, but its audience is mobile. Each of the mobile audience has an almost uninterrupted signal transmitter--mobile phone. Therefore, the audience of outdoor LED media can be found by defining the scope of the audience around the LED media and tracking the information of mobile phone users.

In addition, the content setting of outdoor LED media is also a problem that big data needs to solve. Each media has its own capacity standard, TV has its own program duration, newspapers have its own layout and outdoor LED media should also have its own capacity--screen capacity. Screen load includes two criteria: one is the total duration of advertisement rotation and the other is the duration of a single advertisement. 

The setting of these two standards will depend on the visual duration of the audience around the media. By studying the complexity of road conditions, car dealership and pedestrian speed, the duration from seeing the information of LED media to passively ending watching is determined to set the screen load of each media and obtain the optimal transmission effect of media content.

5. Visual Impact

As an important element of city image, landscape, culture and life style, the future development of outdoor advertisement is bound to be influenced by the trend of urban development. In recent years, the city is gradually developing towards environmental protection, livability and futurization. Combined with the trend, it is not difficult to foresee that the characteristics of "futurization, digitalization, environmental protection, virtual reality, gorgeous interaction and huge scale" will undoubtedly become the development ideas of outdoor advertisement.

The traditional mode of outdoor advertisement has been difficult to stand out in the competition of many homogeneous, repetitive and equivalent advertisement information. Information spreading technologies, represented by naked eye 3D and new projection imaging technologies, especially digital multimedia visual communication technologies have developed greatly in recent years, which made tremendous progress. 

In this situation, outdoor new media still need to consider the needs of the audience and enrich the visual performance of the media to realize the upgradation of the communication effect and complete the previously unimaginable communication breadth.

Facts have proved that outdoor advertisement can continuously meet the visual needs of the audience for innovation and changes and create classic legends with the development of technology to add infinite charm to itself with innovation.

6. Reduce Energy Consumption

Arguably, there is nothing in the world that cannot be sold. The vacancy rate of many large display screens is as high as over 70% for its high advertisement price which cannot attract enough brands. 

The root cause of the high price is not only the higher purchase price at the beginning but also the exorbitant spending on electricity and energy. The LED billboards in the States have also been questioned by environmentalists, who pointed out that the energy consumption of such all-day LED billboards is 30-46 times of ordinary U.S. Households. The American Outdoor Advertisement Association issued a warning to reduce power consumption of LED display by five-sixths, which requires power consumption to be reduced from 660 watts to 110 watts per square meter. 

Today, some LED display manufacturers in China have reduced to 100 watts per square meter already. Mesh Screen is a nice choice.

The outdoor LED displays will continue to develop at a high speed in 2019. The outdoor LED display market, which accounts for almost half of the LED display industry. It will also continue to face fierce competition from major manufacturers. 

In addition to continuous optimization in quality requirements, display area, personalized customization and environmental protection, the after-sales demand oriented by high-standard services will also increase. These will be the key factors to widen the competition gap and gain market share. Whoever can take the lead will be in an invincible position in the future market competition and lead the new round of market demand.