Feb 04.2020

Introduction of LED Display Applications

Nowadays, LED displays show great market feedback, reflecting the huge demand. Therefore, where is LED actually used? What are concerning development directions in the future?


1. In the past few years, according to the exchanges and related financial information, the demand for LED displays in the field accounts for over 50% in the domestic front, which now is still keeping at a relatively high level.

2. Information Display of Airport Flight Dynamic State.

The requirements are pretty clear for the information display of the establishment of civil aviation airports, and LED displays are chosen by the Flight information Display System.

3. Information Display of the Guidance for Guests at Ports and Stations.

With the main part of LED displays, the automatic system which is the joint core of passenger transportation includes the system of information, broadcast, arrival and departure announcement of trains, and ticketing information, playing a significant role in technology development and modification of railway stations and ports.

4. Information Display of Sports Venues.

As a crucial mean of displaying information and broadcasting the alive process of competitions, LED displays have become the necessary facilitates in competitions after the substitute for traditional lighting and CRT display.

5. Information Display of Road Traffic

The rise of the intelligent transportation system is widely used in the fields of urban transportation, highways and so forth. Moreover, the LED displays prevail in variable information boards, speed limit signs, etc.

6. Information Display of Dispatch and Command Center

The high-density LED displays are also gradually adopted on fronts of power dispatching, vehicle dynamic tracking and vehicle dispatching management and so on.

7. The business promotion and information display also make wide use of LED displays to demonstrate in the service areas including mails, telecommunications, shopping malls and the like.

8. Community Media

The community-led display can broadcast synchronously through central channel software, including the real-time community life information such as climate, urban emergency information, public service advertisement, commercial advertisement, and life service, providing convenience for residents and spreading valuable information. With the more mature technology and the further decline of the price, LED displays will be increasingly applied in community media.

9. Performance and Assembly

The display panel is more and more widely used for live video broadcasting for public and political purposes. For example, in major festivals like the celebration of a new millennium around the world, the display panel plays a dominant role in broadcasting live events and releasing information.

10. Exhibition

As one of the important services provided by exhibition organizers, the LED display panel makes the performance stage magnificent and dynamic. With the increase of small performances and large concerts, LED displays will also have a broad market. Unilumin, as one of the largest professional rental companies for the LED display panel, can provide rental services.

11. Building Curtain Wall

It is estimated that the curtain wall made in glass which is used in a large amount is a huge potential shopping mall for media on outdoor advertising and for the media technology to explore a new market with the lead of the blue sea screen.

12. Bars or KTV

From the simple design at the beginning to the perfect match between the stage and lights of LED displays, and to the popularization of various special-shaped screens, the application of LED special-shaped displays in bars has become a subdivision area of the market that cannot be neglected.

13. "Intelligent" Society

 (1) Intelligent City

In the field of smart city construction, public safety, transportation, and people's livelihood are closely related to the use of LED displays, which will also promote its rapid development and popularization.

 (2) Video Conference

The video conference system indicates that the terminal uses small-pitch LED displays, which is necessary not only for practical application but also for enterprises to improve their image through hardware facilities.

 (3) Intelligent Factory

In the factory network of the manufacturing industry, the technology of small-pitch LED displays can be arranged from the assembly line, workshop to headquarters system. Besides, the modern technology of small-pitch LED displays can provide a display of 3D virtual simulation pipeline and interactive control. Therefore, the intelligent factory will surely become a new field for the enterprises on the business of small-pitch LED displays to strive to explore.

All in all, LED displays will face a new period of rapid development with greater prosperity.