Oct 25.2016

Why Unilumin’s UpadⅢ is the best rental display?

UpadⅢ, UpadⅢ, UpadⅢ. Why Unilumin's UpadⅢ? What is so different about Unilumin’s UpadⅢ from any other rental LED display product available on the market? What makes UpadⅢ so special?

Well for starters, it’s not just another rental LED display. It is the next-generation LED display designed and developed by the hard-working research and development team of Unilumin.

Yes, it has features that are common with the other products available on the market like high contrast ratio, die-casting aluminum cabinet, refresh rate, high brightness, etc. but as we said these are the common features and UpadⅢ is all about the uncommon, the features that we all dream of in our rental LED display but never find a product with them.

UpadⅢ is not only a die-casting aluminum cabinet but it is a one-man product. How so?

Its special magnetic top ensures proper alignment which can be achieved just a one-man-team, so no more hiring a large technical team to manage your screen.

The magnetic rear accessible module design can be replaced, checked, corrected and maintained by one person. Isn’t that so ideal for the rental world? No one wants a big team running around the project site. You come quietly, you install and nobody ever knows that you were ever there yet the job is done.

Only one person can maintain the power supply and receiving cards too.

Now not only have you saved quite a handsome amount of money on an installation and maintenance crew but got the job done by just one person and that too fairly in time.

Now let us save you some more time, energy and money. You know how you need those scissor lifts every time you have to install, remove or maintain a big screen. Well, not anymore. Your one-person-team can just climb up the panels without any fear. UpadⅢ is tough.

And if some of you are starting to think that UpadⅢ is rigid because it’s tough, climbable and strong, you are sadly mistaken. UpadⅢ is not rigid. In fact, it is flexible and can easily accommodate a concave and a convex angle.

Now do you understand why UpadⅢ is the right choice for a rental project? Good. So how about you pick up your phone and call Unilumin at +86-(0)755-29918999 or drop them a line at salesunilumin.com  to get your first UpadⅢ?

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