Apr 30.2020

Why UMini Stands Out Among Other Mini-LED Products?

​As a leading enterprise of LED display, Unilumin initiated the R&D of the Mini-LED display technology in 2016 and realized mass production of Mini0.9 in 2019. The UMini technology released this year is Unilumin’s breakthrough innovative achievement through a long-term study of the Mini-LED technology, including epitaxial growth, LED chip manufacturing, packaging technology and system integration.

UMini large format screen is mainly for application environments such as command center, high-end commercial display, broadcasting & TV and exhibition demonstration. The 162-inch UMini AIO is mainly for 4K or 8K applications in professional display scenarios such as high-end conference room, family cinema, education and medical care. Applied with Unilumin’s latest UMini display technology, the two products are Mini-LED innovative products worthy of the name.


RGB full-inversion chip technology

Better display

Unilumin UMini has adopted the RGB full-inversion technology. With the direct bonding pad connection between the chip and the PCB, it has not only reduced the quantity of connecting wires but also has decreased the stress between the chip and the bonding pad. With a remarkable improvement of product stability and reduction of failures such as LED damage, caterpillar, bright line and dark line to the largest extent, it has provided an effective reference for solving the above difficulties in the industry.

At the same time, applied with the full-inversion chip technology, it can remarkably reduce the occupied area of the bonding pad so the optical luminous area of the chip is larger and the luminous efficiency of the chip is higher. Currently, the brightness of Unilumin UMini products has reached 2000nit, taking the lead in similar products. While the brightness is enhanced, Unilumin UMini has realized the 20000:1 high contrast effect. So the light-shade contrast has been improved and the picture details have been enhanced. Its displaying effect is far better than that of the present LED panel.

Unique EBL technology

More comfortable picture

Unilumin UMini has adopted the area source luminescence technology. As compared with other LED display products applied with this technology, UMini can generate milder pictures and more comfortable impressions. It is due to Unilumin’s unique EBL (enhance black level) technology. With this technology, the LED panel can absorb stray light from the outside through diffuse reflection. Moreover, the surface of the UMini is treated by Nano optical technology. Therefore, you will feel very comfortable in whatever viewing angle. In addition, UMini met the detection standard about low blue light so it can minimize the harm of blue light to human eyes and truly protect your eyes.


Cinema-level HDR technology

More authentic color

Unilumin UMini large format screen and the 162-inch UMini AIO are applied with the cinema-level HDR technology and have adopted the 16bit fine grayscale chip. With its 120% coverage of color gamut reaching the DCI-P3 standard and 28 trillion color expression, it can bring shocking visual enjoyment to audiences.

With a displaying performance of high grayscale, extensive color gamut and high contrast, Unilumin UMini is applicable in fields such as family cinema, UHD contents demonstration and medical care. Taking medical care as an example, UMini can help doctors obtain patients’ information rapidly and accurately. By combining forms such as remote medical care and video surgery, it can keep on improving the diagnosis efficiency and accuracy. Therefore, it can facilitate smart medical care and protect our health.

180° full viewing angle

Wider scope of vision

In the area of LED panels, “visual angle” is one of the standards to assess the quality of an LED display product. Unilumin UMini products have adopted the full-inversion chip technology so the optical luminous area of the chip is larger, the luminous efficiency of the chip is higher and the viewing angle has remarkably increased to 180° as compared with that of the present LED panel. Therefore, you can truly have a panoramic view.

Dynamic energy-saving technology

Lower power consumption

How the LED panel as an energy-saving product can further decrease its energy consumption to be more energy-saving and eco-friendly while its displaying performance is not sacrificed is a problem much concerned by the clients. With the dynamic energy-saving technology applied to Unilumin UMini, the displaying system and chip can make a dynamic adjustment about power consumption according to the bright or dark area displayed by the screen to realize the energy-saving effect. Benefiting from this technology, the Unilumin UMini can save energy by 50% as compared with the existing small-spacing products but still has a better displaying effect. Therefore, it is truly energy-saving and eco-friendly.


Full-sealed screen and scratch-resistant design

More powerful protection

In a special operating environment, the protection ability of the LED panel directly affects its stability and service life. By adopting a full-sealed design, the Unilumin UMini has a protection level of IP54 so it is highly dust-proof and damp-proof. By adopting the scratch-resistant technology, the lamp surface has a protection level of 3H. The screen can be cleaned more conveniently and you needn’t worry about scratching the screen in your daily operation. In addition, the box of the UMini can bear the collision of a 10kg object. The display is more stable and the product is more durable.

Wireless connection and maintenance from the front/back

More reassuring for use

The Unilumin UMini has adopted die-casting aluminum boxes, which are joined together by wireless connection. So it is easy to be installed. It has a design that makes maintenance possible either from the front or from the back and all components of the product can be rapidly maintained by hot-swapping. Therefore, it can save more maintenance costs and meet more application demands of scenarios.


With the development of 5G, AI and other new technologies and the arrival of the new capital construction era, the LED panel will usher in a broad space as the presentation access for big data and the core of intelligent interaction. To guide the industrial development and serve the construction of smart cities with better quality and improved displaying performance has become an important mission of Unilumin in innovative development.

In the future, Unilumin will continue to adhere to scientific research innovation and further develop the Mini-LED display technology. With better products and improved solutions, it will provide excellent display services for different industries and areas and keep on fulfilling its enterprise mission - “Together, for a brighter future.”