Jun 14.2016

UPanel - The True Narrow Pixel Pitch

Narrow Pixel Pitch as known as NPP. That’s the hype in the display technology. But what actually is it? Pixel pitch refers to the physical distance between the pixels of a display device. This is the factor that defines the resolution and optimum viewing distance of a display.

When it comes to LED screen, there are all sizes of pixel pitch available which isn’t exactly news to anyone. But when it comes to narrow pixel pitch or NPP, not many people know exactly what it is. At Unilumin, we would like to enlighten you on that front. A display is considered NPP only and only when the pixel pitch is 3.0mm or less. No, your 3.9mm or 4.8mm are not narrow pixel pitch and if someone is telling you so, they are either misinformed themselves or misleading you.

Narrow pixel pitch are specifically required for close viewing distance. Just like when an oil painting is viewed up close turns into lot of random splotches, likewise a large display starts looking pixelated and grainy when viewed from close distance. So do the narrow pixel pitch displays. The closer the audience will be, the finer the ‘pixel pitch’ required.

So when it comes to conference or meeting rooms, television studios and broadcasting stations, there is only one best suited solution for those close viewing eyes and high speed cameras, narrow pixel pitch.

NPP also becomes the only suitable solution for control rooms where a large seamless video wall is required (requirement which LCD cannot fulfill) for viewing maps, geographical coordinates and lot of numbers and figures. If the pixel pitch is not small enough, data can become unreadable and mistakes can happen. Mistakes cannot be afforded. Imagine if someone reads the data wrong in a flight control room or train station. Phew! I certainly hope that doesn’t happen.

Now with LED manufacturing companies sprouting all over the world like wild mushrooms, it’s very hard to decide what to rely on.

So here Unilumin would like to help you again. Many companies may offer you NPP ??LED displays ??but that is not the only requirement for a good LED narrow pixel pitch display.

A narrow pixel pitch display has to have good quality cabinet, high test ratings, excellent contrast ratio and grey levels, brightness level is not to be ignored as well.

Apart from the above, the modules should be perfectly aligned with high quality mask and should have the right pixel pitch required for the specific requirement. After all, even though a 3.0mm or 2.5mm qualifies as narrow pixel pitch, it will not do much for a project with viewing distance of 2 meters or less.

Here at Unilumin, with our years of research we designed the perfect narrow pixel pitch display for you. Our one and only, trusted and chosen by our client, UPANEL.  It has all the features mentioned above AND it is designed in the perfect aspect ratio of 16:9.

What’s more! UPanel has a pixel pitch ranging from 1.9mm which some other companies might have offered you as well but Unilumin’s UPanel goes as low as 0.9mm and it well tested and deployed. Many of our clients are already using UPanel for several years and couldn’t be happier.  

So don’t rely on the decades old LCD and DLP technology. Come step into the 21st century with Unilumin’s UPanel. Stop looking for the right NPP LED display because you already found it.

For more details about Unilumin’s UPanel, feel free to contact us at any time at salesunilumin.com or +86-(0)755-29918999. We will be more than happy to help you.