Sep 27.2016

Unilumin’s UTV has it all

It has already been established that NPP LED screens are way better than projectors, LCDs, DLPs and every other kind of display technology in every possible way.

LED displays have been around for long enough that their presence at any venue or location is not a surprise anymore. Then be it retail store or a football stadium or a billboard, LED screens have been full heartedly accepted by the display industry.

However, same cannot be said about the ultra-high-definition narrow pixel pitch LED displays. Even though there is an increase in the demand of NPP LED screens due to their usefulness and varied applications, there is an obvious reluctance in the end-users, system integrators and distributors towards this relatively new small or narrow pixel pitch LED displays.

The reasons for the hold back or the reluctance are obvious, though there seem to be many who claim to have perfected this next generation technology, few seem to be able to stand true to their claim and finding those select few companies or manufacturers is as good as trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

That is why we want to introduce you Unilumin’s UTV, a next generation UHD NPP LED display.

It’s a slim, light-weight, die-casting aluminum cabinet.

It has seam adjustment mechanism to ensure the perfect installation and bezel-free display.

Unilumin’s UTV cabinets are easy to install, light-weight and the simple locking mechanism help save on labor cost.

The display requires very little maintenance in its 100,000 hours’ life and even when it does, it is a very simple process. The record time 10 seconds module replacement has maintenance issues sorted out.

Unilumin UTV’s capability of maintaining high gray scale level with low brightness makes it ideal for broadcasting stations and control rooms.

It has high shutter speed, refresh rate and contrast ratio, again a must for broadcasting industry and those high speed cameras.

The displays properly calibrated to ensure the brightness levels are same for the entire screen regardless of the number of modules and cabinets involved.

Unilumin’s UTV can work at brightness levels as low as 50 nits to as high as 800 nits.

Long lifespan of 100,000 hours to ensure you get your money worth. The display does not reflect the surrounding light so you can say bye-bye to those dark conference or control rooms and push open those windows.

Unilumin’s UTV has many applications. You can use it in the display window of a retail store or conference room, but it is best utilized in broadcasting industry or control rooms. There are dozens of TV studios and control rooms around the world using Unilumin’s UTV for quite some time now and couldn’t have made a better choice.

If you may still have some doubt about the capabilities and technological superiorities of Unilumin’s UTV, how about giving a call to their sales engineers at +86-(0)755-29918999 or droping them a line at for further details, reference installations or a demo of the product itself in the largest manufacturing facility of LED display in Shenzhen!

You will not be disappointed.

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