Jun 22.2010

Unilumin won another award: The Leader in China LED Field

June19,2010,Annual Conference of Chinese LED Industry, that is cross-strait industrial cooperation forum was successfully held in Yunxiao. More than 460 industry representatives from cross-straits get together to discuss the hot spot and the trend of global and China in LED industry. At the same time, theyreach a consensus in the standards of the industry,investment opportunities and collaborate after in-depth exchange about LED industry.

LED has become the highlight in China semiconductor industry in 2009 and the industrial scale has increased 12.6% compared with 2008. In this context, the sponsor of the Forum of China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID) and its subsidiary CCID Consulting in conjunction with relevant government departments honored the enterprise which has rapid development in 2009.

In the four awards, Unilumin got the most important of two awards. That is “The fastest Growth LED Enterprise”. And the president of Unilumin, Lin Minfeng, has won ”The Leader in Chinese LED field”

Honor praise the past, but it is also the incentive for the future. Unilumin will adhere the road map   and lead the Chinese LED industry to create the world’s leading LED manufacturing service providers with pragmatic and positive attitude.