Sep 14.2016

Unilumin wishes you all a very happy mid-autumn festival

On the 15th of September, the second biggest festival of China after the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, also known as Moon Festival (Zhōng qiū Jié) will be celebrated tomorrow.

The Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar Calendar. The festival is also called Moon Festival as the moon is the roundest and the brightest at that time of the year.

Usually celebrated over a course of three days, on Moon Festival, offices are closed, markets are decorated, festivities can be smelled in the air and of course the sweet aroma of the traditional dessert of the Moon Festival, moon cakes also linger around.  

The families gather together to celebrate and thank the Gods for the year’s good harvest and to pray for a better one next year.

An important part of the festival is moon worship. Offerings are made to the moon deity Chang’e, the moon goddess of immortality. Girl’s also pray to Chang’e to help fulfill their romantic wishes.

Lately, floating brightly lit lanterns in the sky is also becoming a tradition.

Families, relatives, friends exchange gifts of mooncake and spend time with each other.  The elders also try to match partners for the single children of the family. In some parts of the country, single dances are also organized to let the eligible men and women meet.  

Unilumin employees will also be celebrating this auspicious festival with their families during this coming long weekend. And they will be receiving gifts of mooncakes and fruits from office, wishing them and their loved ones good health and prosperity.

For team Unilumin we would like to wish everybody a very happy and prosperous Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival. May all your wishes come true.