Dec 26.2017

Unilumin Rotary Screens Take Center Stage in Zaozhuang City

The big column with a diameter of 25ft (7.7m) and height of 11.5ft (3.5m) occupies total 860 sq ft (80 sqm). A strong visual impact is created by combining rotation, raising, and lowering of sections of the display.

Unilumin outdoor P8 is the leading role of the two displays that are installed at the sides of the square with each display made of three motorized triangular sections. In this way, a nine-side and nine-image LED display with the size of each side W9.45 ft (2.88m) x H5.5 ft (1.68m) has been achieved. 

The scale and originality of this LED displays makes it the landmark and jewel of the city.

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