Nov 22.2017

Unilumin rental 2.6 sparkles in Malaysia 60th National Day

The Negaraku Expo 2017, from 15th November to 15th December, will be a major exhibition in Malaysia for visitors to see national developments, achievements and future direction. Meanwhile, Malaysia has celebrated her 60th independence this year. Unilumin was glad to be the provider of its LED video walls.



“We are excited to cooperate with Unilumin,” said an official of Malaysia government. “Unilumin’s displays help us take our design to a higher level both visually and artistically.”



The Unilumin UslimS2 is rental, flexible LED video wall displays with a convenient 500 x 500mm size and 2.6mm is the smallest pixel pitch in rental filed equipped with not only basic but also added auxiliary functions. This series keeps the cost-effective as well as the high-end design that fits a broad range of exhibition, staging, auto shows and so on applications.


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