Jan 18.2014

Unilumin Group opens Amsterdam office to support Europe customers

Unilumin Group has chosen Amsterdam as the support center for its European customers.

The Amsterdam office will act as showroom and training center for clients and partners as well as after-sale service center.

Since its open in 2013, many clients and partners from UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and The Netherlands have come to the office for a visit, the UTV series UHD LED display including 1.6mm, 1.9mm, 2.5mm LED screen have received a lot of praise from these clients and partners.

Mr. Wu Meng, the marketing director of Unilumin Group says: “Thanks to the new office, our UTV series UHD LED products have been greatly promoted in the Europe market, and we are so glad to know that the Europe market has a great demand in our UTV series UHD screens .”

Besides UTV1.6, UTV1.9 and UTV2.5 UHD screens, Unilumin’s classical rental product Upad3 and the best selling rental product in 2013-Utile R3 have been showcased in the office.

Unilumin is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with subsidiary in USA, office in Holland, Hong Kong, etc.