Apr 27.2016

How to Be a Better "U"

What firstly pops in your mind when you wake up at 6 o’clock every morning? Halfway done work? Failed exercise plan? Unpaid credit card bill?... maybe it is time now to give yourself a break to get out of the mess and think about how to be a better self.

Be independent. For females, the most words they heard are:”you do not need to be that strong”. However, only when you are prepared and are able to fix any emergencies independently can you hold your own without men.

Travel a lot. Picking up your suitcase and be ready for a travel at any time. Go and explore the world, you will find that traveling is the best way that can give you a chance to have a view of the world.

Do work-out. Doing work-out everyday can keep you fit and healthy. Find some time a day to do some exercise and relax.

Be caring. Showing your gratitude for life and nature will make you more efficient.

Be presentable. The rule is that all human beings love beauty, so why not get yourself well dressed and impress others with stunning new looks every day.

Aim for excellence. Do whatever you can and do the best you can.

Guess what? Usurface is what you are looking for!