Jan 13.2020

Explore the factors that make Unilumin successful

On the morning of January 10, 2020, the central committee of the communist party of China and the state council solemnly held the state science and technology award and commendation conference in the great hall of the people in Beijing. Lin Mingfeng, Chairman of Unilumin and representatives of the joint winners were invited to attend the meeting. At this commendation conference, Unilumin won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.



Please click here to view more detail information. This major award was the result of the long-term efforts of all employees of Unilumin. Unilumin 's success is attributed to the following factors.

1.    Group strategy

Unilumin regards the benefits of customers as the ultimate goal of Unilumin's sustainable development and then builds the ultimate customer experience based on this strategy. It also focus on the LED industry application scenarios, leveraging industrial capital, informatization and organizational capabilities to promote the rapid growth of high quality of the group, benefit for partners, and promoting industry progress and social development. Furthermore, the employee’s growth is the foundation of the Unilumin. Pursuing excellence, leading industry, achieving world brand, establishing learning organization and contributing to creating green environment is the mission of Unilumin.

2.    Core Value

The core value of Unilumin is “Mindfulness with Altruism and Progress with Innovation”. Under the influence of this value, Unilumin people always treat customers with sincerity and act with confidence, adhereing to a professional and efficient style of action and the spirit of “Customer-centric, timely response, results-oriented”. In addition, Unilumin seeks cooperation based on a win-win model. Unilumin encourage every employee to open their pattern as large as possible and develop self-potential. The views for Unilumin’s management and happiness are also help Unilumin to win this prize. Unilumin’s view of management is to make every employee knows how to run a business. Start to change and take the initiative to run individuals, teams, businesses and families. Maintain continuous competitiveness. The view of Unilumin’s happiness is promoting employees to work happily and live happily, realizing the maximum value of career and life.


3.    Long-term and intensive investment in scientific research

Through long-term and large - scale scientific research investment Unilumin has a very rich harvest.  In LED display industry, Unilumin has the most professional and the largest research and development team. In addition, Unilumin also has a heavy Investment, it invested 30 million US in R&D, accounting for 4.58% of total operating income. As of December 31, 2019, Unilumin has obtained 1,248 authorized patents. Among them, 89 invention patents have been authorized, 37 PCT, and 248 invention patents have been applied for. Unilumin undertakes multiple numbers of national, provincial and municipal R&D projects to witness the company's scientific research strength and further promote the development of the industry. In addition,Unilumin has also established a central laboratory project. The central laboratory project has been approved by CNAS (code L6507), and has become the SGS, TUV-SUD, TUV Rheinland, UL-WTDP sighting laboratory. It mainly provides reliable test data for the design, development and verification of the company's new products in the early stage, quality control in the later stage, and pre-certification pre-test. It also provides the same service to external customers. Now it has gradually become an industry-shared test platform.


As the Chairman Lin said:

This is not only one of the highest honor but also a heavy responsibility. We will continue to strengthen industrial technology innovation, stick to solve problems for the development of the industry, and contribute to social development!

Thanks to the trust and support of all customers along the way, Unilumin will continue to carry out scientific research and innovation in order to realize the vision of the enterprise, and make the world more glorious as an unwavering goal.