Dec 22.2008

A Victory for Unilumin in 337 “Investigation“ Case

This March,ITC (America) formally file the case. There are four LED enterprises involved,and Unilulmin is one of them.Though in the face of high cost, Unilumin opted decisively to respond actively with firm target of striving to be a "top brand in LED field around the world". Finally,Unilumin got the victory for the case.

Towards Patent No.4, 904, 618 and No.5, 252, 499, Unilumin Technology has reached a settlement with Ms. Rothschild, the retired professor of Columbia University, and signed authorized agreement.

This agreement guarantees that all of Unilumin’s LED products will not be restricted by 337 U.S Survey in worldwide market from now on.

Ms. Rothschild took action against 34 companies world widely including Unilumin to ITC about violating patent for short wavelength LED chip manufacture on February 19th, 2008. Considering meeting customers’ interests preferentially, Unilumin Technology accepted the lawsuit and negotiated with Professor Rothschild, and then two parties reached a settlement finally on August 15th, 2008 and signed an authorized non-executive agreement about Patent No.4, 904, 618 and No.5, 252, 499.

For Patent No.4, 904,618 and No.5, 252,499, Professor Rothschild authorizes Unilumin Technology to act irrevocably and non-exclusively. Therefore, Unilumin has the right of manufacturing, authorizing supplier to manufacture, using, importing, exporting, selling, marketing or distributing all of the products which are related to the above Patents in any form. Consequently, customers can use the LED products made in Uninumin or sold by Uninumin without violating Professor Rothschild’s Patent right.